Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weird & Wonderful

Hi All,
What a weekend! So fast and so fun, I love those kind, just wish they weren't quite so fast. Saturday, Jill and I went to a cactus & succulent show and sale in Sacramento, it was a neat afternoon. There were so many weird & wonderful specimens that I have to show you guys. I learned that Cactus and Succulent people are just as passionate about their plants as the orchid people are, and I learned, once again that just when you think you've seen all that Mother Nature has to offer, she stuns you with things you couldn't imagine in your wildest daydreams. 

I thought I'd share a few of these wonders with you guys today.
This one is my favorite, a prickly beauty.
This one gives me the creeps. Shudders.

Grab your earmuffs, these mandrakes look big enough to kill!

I think this is a growth mark, but I love how geometric and purposeful it looks.
This is what was atop of the preceding picture, I'm not sure if they're the bloom or flowers of this cactus, but they were absolutely tiny!

More Mandrakes, don't remove your earmuffs just yet! Heehee.

This one reminds me of the mouth of some Tim Burton creature. All jagged and dangerous, yet cartoony and odd.
I call these 'little butts'. They're giving us the moon!
Beautiful cactus blooms!

I love the soft pastel colors in this one... wish I would have bought it, le sigh.
Get a load of that line! And that was just one of the lines, there was one just like it going in the opposite direction, but with one big difference, it was in the shade! Guess which one we preferred?

After we left the cactus/succulent sale we lunched at the always awesome Opa! Opa! then went to Jill's favorite garden shop, Fair Oaks Nursery. Boy, I could do a whole post on that place, it's really one of the best nurseries I've ever visited. The place is bursting with color and inspiration!

In my next post I'm going to show you guys what I got this day, and the next at the Lodi Street Fair, and what I did with them. Hint~hint! I built a Fairy Garden!


kittykill said...

Such beautiful pictures and plants! I love the pink one!

MelissaD said...

Hi Lisa - I live right up the road from you in the still sort of rural part of Elk Grove...and I agree with you on Fair Oaks Nursery - it's luscious!! Wish I could get my yard to look like that place!

Jill said...

Lisaaaa!! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

I had such a fun day with you and can't wait to have another play date. I see some little roadtrips in our future!


Angela McRae said...

Had NO idea there were such enthusiasts for these plants, but as you said, I shouldn't be surprised since there are fans of everything. Love that pink one up top (must have!), and the snake looking one gives me the creeps too. Making me want to go on a tour of garden shops. Soon. Maybe today!