Monday, September 5, 2011

That's How I Roll

Boy, it sure is nice to have an extra day off from work. Happy Labor Day everyone!

Now that my package is safely (fingers crossed) winging it's way to its new owner (and because I don't think she knows I have a blog), I can share with you guys the piece I made for the most recent Phat Quarter Embroidery Swap, the theme of this swap: Food!

Excellent, who doesn't like food? This is a swap I can really sink my teeth into, harr-harr.
My partner, told me that her favorite foods were Indian & Sushi. Not knowing much about Indian cuisine, I went with sushi.

Three happy, little sushi rolls.

I used felt applique for the body of the rolls, then embellished with several other kinds of stitching. Lots of French knots, a bit of beading, padded satin stitch, straight stitches comprised the ingredients to my sushi.

Their smiley faces are done with open lazy daisies, and their garnish is done in long, straight stitch. I used satin stitch and an oriental font that I found for free online to trace on and fill in the words at the top.

Here's how I've been finishing my hooped, embroidery pieces lately. I trim the fabric to about 1/2", then use a thin bead of hot glue just inside the edge of the inner hoop, and fold, fold, fold down the fabric as neatly as I can. Then I use white felt, cut to exactly the inside hoop diameter. I spray the felt with adhesive, then carefully lay the felt inside the hoop. This is a one & done kind of deal, that spray adhesive is seriously sticky, and you can't move the felt once it touches the back of the embroidery, so this step always a bit nerve wracking for me, but I really like the results. In this instance I made and attached a note for my partner before I sprayed and added the felt to the back of the hoop. 

I also made an extra little goodie for my partner, a bottle-cap pin cushion in the shape of a sushi roll, it was fun and quick. I hope she likes it.

This was a one way swap, so I received my piece from a different partner. I love what I got!
 My partner, Pam asked me if I liked The Simpsons, and if I was a meat eater? Yes & yes!

The words are a bit of dialog from the episode called "Lisa The Vegetarian", an episode with Paul & Linda McCartney! How rad is that? I ♥ Paul McCartney.

Oh Homer, you always deliver the giggles. You can check out his disbelieving thoughts on where bacon, ham & pork chops come from here. So funny!
Pam is one heck of a stitcher, you can see her other work here.
Thanks Pam, I really dig what you've made for me, it's currently living on my kitchen counter, and I also have a strong craving for bacon!

This was a fun one, the Phat Quarter swaps never disappoint!
Whad'ya think?


p.s. MY SHUSHI PIECE WAS FEATURED TODAY ON CRAFT GOSSIP!! Yes, I was yelling, sorry about that, I'm just so thrilled and honored!  Heeeheeeeheeee!!!


my cup of tea said...

So darn CUTE! You are so talented Lisa!

Doris said...

i love the happy sushi, look great!. te french knot look like rice, really good job!.

bascom hogue said...

I so do reading and looking at your blog.

Hillori said...

Holy cow!! That sushi turned out soooo cute! Your so talented:))
I'm digg'n the pig too!
Have a great weekend/week

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful, you are such an amazing stitcher xx

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful, you are such an amazing stitcher xx

Wendy said...

Your hoop is just brilliant!! What a great idea, and such beautiful stitches! I love the font you've used,

Bonnie said...

First, let me say...I love the sushi rolls!!! So darn adorable. The French knots are perfect for the rice! And the red beads....great! I'm sure the recipient is going to LOVE it! The pig chart you received is so great! What an original idea! I just love to see the ideas that people come up with! It's so fun and inspiring!

Becky said...

i love the way you fix sushi! That's the only way I'd enjoy it! ;)

Your Simpson's Piggy is a hoot. Now I want Bacon too. mmmmmm, baaacon

Bex said...

I love both of these so much! You guys are so creative it kills me!

beadgirl said...

Yet again I am awed by your talent.

And as for what you received, every single time Mr. Beadgirl and I eat bacon or pork or ham one of us says "Yeah, right, a wonderful, magical animal."