Friday, December 3, 2010


Oh yes, the time is drawing near for the Fabulous Mystery Giveaway! I've been making very cute things for the lucky winner! Would you like a little sneaky~peaky??

Hardy, har, har! I know, I'm a regular comedian. This was my attempt at blending paint to make a color I don't have. I was going for a light aqua... mmm, yeah. Not so much. I know, I know. Color fail.

Here's a real sneaky~peaky.

Oooh, what could it be?

I have other tricks up my sleeves too (rubbing hands conspiratorially).
There's still plenty of time to enter, pop over and leave me a comment here.

This is so exciting, I love all the comments y'all have been giving me. Giveaways are fun! I'm going to have to think up some other reasons for having them, I feel like Santa!

And speaking of Santa... did you guys notice that the calendar flipped the other day? By crikey, it's December already!! Eeek, I'm no where near finished making all my Christmas gifts. I need to get busier. Has anybody figured out how to pause time yet? If so, please, do tell.



Jill said...

Okay, we've got to rig this contest so I win. (Okay, I guess that wouldn't be very nice.) You know I love those colors!! Can't wait to see this Fabulous Mystery Gift in it's full glory!
PS: Can't wait for tomorrow!

Beedeebabee said...

Ooooh Lisa! That sneaky peaky looks beautiful! All those perfect little swirly stitches...I can't wait to see it all! xoxo Paulette :D

I always crack up when I read your posts...You're so "animated"!