Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Bed

Who loves a big, comfy, cozy bed? I do, I do!

I've always wanted a Christmas bed, or rather to have my bed decked out in red & white for Christmas time. Inevitably, each year comes & goes and I get too busy or wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays to make it happen... not this year!

A few weeks ago, while out shopping with Jill at Ikea, I found a this very pretty duvet set that totally fit the bill. And you won't believe the price... $14.99! Is that unheard of or what?? I thought the fabric would be of a rubbish quality for this price, but much to my delight, it's a thick cotton weight and after it was washed, it's very soft and feels terrific.

I also ran across a plain, red velvet pillow case  at Ikea for just $8. But I had a plan for it...
The very night I bought it, I popped it into a hoop and embroidered our last name initial on it. This picture really doesn't do it justice. The embroidery stands up so nicely off of the velvet. It's very pretty if I do say so myself, much prettier than this picture. Looks expensive too!

(so yeah... I can't seem to get the hoop marks out of the fabric... any pointers?)

Another great little find I came across by accident was this great, quilty yo-yo garland.
I picked this up at Kmart, for just around $4!! I think it's adorable! I could have made it myself, I suppose, but it would have taken me forever, and there's no way I could have done it for $4. Handmade is awesome, but sometimes store bought is awesome-r!

All the rest, I already had,  my favorite cotton, flannel sheets - and I just have to ask - aren't flannel sheets the best in winter?? I'd avoided them for years and finally bought a couple of sets last winter, heaven! Also added to the foot of the bed are two of my favorite throw blankets. These are both down throws, which I love because they're so puffy and warm. I don't remember where I got the red one on top (Target maybe?) it's been a few years, but it was a cheapy - definitely wasn't more than $10. The one on the bottom is from the Martha Stewart collection from Macy's. Several years ago, I bought myself and my friend each one for Christmas. It's a brushed cotton that almost feels like silk, and it is hands down the best blankie in the world! It's bigger than most throw blankets, which I love because I'm tall and short blankies make for cold feetsies! Do you have a favorite go-to blankie?

Lastly two small toss pillows, one rustic and stitchy, and the other quite sparkly and beaded, totally contrasting. I like things best when they aren't to matchy-matchy.

I've been so happy the last few weeks with my "Christmas" bed, so happy, that I've actually been making the bed every morning just to see it made up when I get home, so silly... ♥ ♥

Do you do a "Christmas" bed? I'd love to hear all about it.


suzitee said...

love love love your Christmas bed! What a gorgeous idea :)

dosierosie said...

That looks fantastic and what a great idea, might have to copy that for next year. My favourite blanket is a welsh wool one that was my Gran's it is great to wrap around you on cold winter evenings.Have a great Christmas.

Wendy said...

I've never had a Christmas bed, never even thought about it. But now I've seen yours, I want one!

Hootie said...

I'm being an insomniac right now. No bed necessary! But, gosh...your bed sure looks comfy-cosy!


Monica said...

I love your Christmas bed idea, and your bed looks beautiful and so comfy! I hope you have time over the holidays to cuddle up with a book and nap in you lovely creation. I think you have given me an idea for next year. Merry Christmas!

Sandi Butler said...

Your christmas bed looks absolutley gorgeous, Lisa! I love all the details you have added yourself to make it more personal. The yoyo garland looks lovely across your bedhead too. I have one of those yoyo makers, maybe I could make one for our bed (next year :)
I have my red and green apple quilt on our bed at the moment, it looks a little christmassy.

parTea lady said...

Your Christmas bed looks great. I love the monogram you stitched on the velvet pillow.

Angela McRae said...

I've never had a Christmas bed but yours is sure making me want one -- beautiful! And that pillow you stitched -- awesome! Next year I need to go to Ikea before Christmas for sure! (And I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, by the way!)

Jill said...

Okay, how did I miss all these posts??? I've been lovin' all your Christmas goodness! Your home is so beautiful~ even more so in person. You really have such a talent for creating a warm, inviting home~ complete with handmade wonderfulness. I love that!

Beedeebabee said...

I can't believe I missed as much as I did either! I don't have the fixings for a beautiful Christmas bed like yours...but I sure wish I did!...Maybe next Christmas! I love your embroidered red pillow. I does look expensive. Sooo pretty, Lisa! xo Paulette