Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swapin' Pin Up Girls

Say, have you heard about Swap-Bot? No? Well then I suggest you mosey on over and check it out. I was turned on to this nifty site by fellow blogger and embroidery rock star MafiosaGrrl. Seriously, she kicks some major floss booty! I mean look at this. She's brillz, I tell you, brillz.

Ok, so Swap-Bot is a site where you can go and peruse a data base of categories of things that people want to swap. You name it, quilting, ATC cards, coupons, post cards, clothing, tea, journals, movies, stickers, sewing notions, stamping & scrapbook supplies, comic books, etc. ad infinitum... Swaps can be both domestic and international. You find something you're interested in, say Embroidery for instance, hit search, and viola! Up pop all the swaps relating to that category. It's fun, give it a shot. Besides, look at that cute little envelope face! Who could not love that face?
MafiosaGrrl mentioned Swap-Bot on Facebook a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd have a look-see. I signed up immediately. There was a Pin Up Girl embroidery swap about to begin, va-va-vavoom!

There's a cool circular story happening here and I want to tell you about it. Moons ago, when I first surfed in to Jacquie's blog, she was having a giveaway for some embroidery patterns from Sew Lovely, Jacquie seemed like a pretty cool chick, and who doesn't love a giveaway right? I commented on her blog, and entered the giveaway. I didn't win... Fast forward a few days or weeks (I can't remember) and I get an email from Jacquie, it seems the winner of her giveaway already had the pattern that she'd won, and asked Jacquie to choose another winner. Jacquie chose me... I DID WIN! And guess what the pattern was... go on, guess... Pin Up Girls! It only seemed fitting that I would use one of the Pin Up patterns that I won from Jacquie, after all, it was she who piqued my interest in Swap-bot.

Here's what I stitched up and sent off to my swap partner in Ohio...
Oh, la, la!
Pucker up, buttercup!
Here she is in all her ginger glory. She had to be a redhead. Everything else was negotiable.
I picked up this pretty fat quarter at The Top Stitch while I was on vacation in Spokane a couple weeks ago. I loved this fabric and didn't exactly have a plan for it, but I thought the colors were nice and sorta matched the floss colors of my pin up, so I used it to wrap up my Pin Up girl and as an extra little bonus for my partner.

My partner received her package today so it's finally ok that I share here with you guys. She says she loves my ginger girl, yay! I can't wait to see what arrives on my doorstep! When it comes I'll totally share it with you all.

Thank you Jacquie for your constant inspiration, you have a fan in me.
Been missing your voice this last couple weeks, and can't wait to see you round in blog-land again soon.

p.s. Now go on over to Swap-Bot and sign up, shoo... Maybe I'll see some of you over there :o)

I received my swap partners Pin Up Girl, here she is!
(sorry for the crummy picture, it's getting dark outside...)
Isn't she a cutie-pie? I love her shoes! She now lives on my dresser, she looks at home in the boudoir.
Thanks for looking!


Carrie Elmore said...

Hi Lisa! I followed your comment on my blog here! Thank you so much! We're in the same swap I can't wait to see what everyone does. Your girl is just incredible!

Jill said...

Your pin-up girl is soooo great-- it was so fun to see her in "real life" the other day. I can't wait to see what you receive!
Heading out of town tomorrow, but looking forward to coming back and heading to S.F. with you!

Beedeebabee said...

OMG Lisa, your pin up girl is just sooo sassy!
Beautiful stitching, she's just gorgeous! I love how you wrapped her up in that pretty fabric too...what a special extra goodie! ... I've never heard of Swap-Bot. How cool is that!!! xoxo Paulette

keNi said...

i was the luckiest duck in the world to recieve this!!! thanks again!!