Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, looks like I've been bitten by something... Sadly, not by Edward. No, no, but if made properly these could also live forever... Quilts!

If you're with me over on Facebook you may have seen me posting status updates on how my first quilt was coming together all weekend. This quilting stuff is easily addicting, folks! While perusing last night I came across somthing I just have to share, inspriational eye candy if you will. And a GIVEAWAY!
Sew Picture Perfect is a inspirational photography blog by Jodi at a Pleasant Home all about quilts and quilting and fabric and thread and so many lovely other things.

Jodi is having a Jellyroll giveaway to celebrate the start of Sew Picture Perfect, isn't that cool?
Pop on over to Pleasant Home for giveaway deets and to join in.

You never know, you might get bitten too!

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jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Thanks for the shout out! Good Luck with your quilting! It is totally addicting!