Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Toy Society

Drop No. 1~ A Tea Time Teddy

Greetings Friends~
Have you by chance heard of The Toy Society?? I first heard of it from my bloggy buddy Jacquie, otherwise known as MafiosaGrrl. Thanks Jacquie!! Y'all can join in the fun too, just go to the website and sign up!

The Toy Society "is a craft/street art project spreading love through out the streets of the world." You simply make a small hand made, kid friendly toy and plant it somewhere to be found by a child... I love random acts of kindness, something for nothing. People (kiddies with the help of their parents) who find the toys can go to the website, to learn about who made their toy and report where and how they found it if they choose to. Isn't that neato?!?

I've wanted to do this for a while, this is something that I think I'll really enjoy doing more of in the future. Making someone happy right here in my own town. I believe kindness starts in our own back yards.
This was fun for me, I hope the little one who finds my toy gets as much pleasure from having it, as I did making it!

Here she is, my first toy... A Tea Time Teddy!
All dolled up and ready for a tea party!

She's bringing flowers for the table...

...and her own favorite tea cup...

She even wore her best "pearls".

Ready to find a new home!

Bye-bye Tea Teddy! It was fun making you, I hope you have a happy life!

Can you spy her?

This is at Lodi Lake, just a short walk from my house...

I made this drop early this morning, about 7:30am, I zipped in on my Vespa, found a spot, snapped some pictures and zipped right back out again! There were already people at the lake setting up for their summer picnics and bbq's. I'm sure that as I write this (just before noon), she's already been found.
Gosh, I hope they like her... she is a sweet little thing!

Have a great weekend folks!


dosierosie said...

What a great idea.Think i'll pop along and have a look at the website.

Beansieleigh said...

Wow!!.. I LOVE this idea Lisa, and I'm sure the child who found your Tea Time Teddy will LOVE her! What a beautiful act of kindness! Something like this restores my faith in a kinder, gentler world out there than it sometimes seems! ~tina

Jill said...

Lisa, I LOVE this!!! This is such a great idea-- I really want to do it!!! Your little bear is really going to make someone's day. It's so adorable-- I love every little sweet detail!

rphillips919 said...

Lisa what an adorable job you did on the bear and such an admirable act of kindness too....=]

rphillips919 said...

Lisa what an adorable job you did on the bear and an admirable act of kindness and fun....=]

Debbie said...

Such a wonderful idea!
The teddy is so adorable and it will make a little girl very happy!


Aunt Spicy said...

Seriously? That is the greatest idea! I think I may make a Scotty dog and do the same thing! What an inspiration!

Hootie said...

I must add this to my To Do list!

Awesome Lisa! Your teddy is adorable!!!


parTea lady said...

The Toy Society sounds like a wonderful program. Your tea party bear is so pretty. I love all the little details from the pearls to the teacup and flowers. What a great toy.

MafiosaGrrl said...

holy cow, that is soooo cute!! great job. I meant to make a few toys before I went on vacation to leave around mammoth lakes, but i didn't get a chance. I'll be doing that later this week :)

Beedeebabee said...

Lisa...She's sooo adorable!!! I love her sweet little face! I bet she was snatched up really quickly and is now so loved.
It's great that you set her out in a playground like that...too bad you couldn't stick around to see who the lucky little girl was...or big girl! I know that if I happened to be walking by and saw that little little girl would have had a chance! (I know...I'm so bad!) You have a heart of gold, Sweetie! xo Paulette ;)