Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Well hello there! I don't know how many men read this blog, but hey, if you're here and your a dad, today's your day!
I would say that most of the time, this blog has a more "feminine" feel to it, but I do have a couple of guys that follow (hi Dana, Benoy & Ethan!) so today, it's all about the boys! I'm posting some links to a few of my favorite "guy" sites... enjoy!

Don't know if you (all of you, not just the boys) ever read any of these sites, but I do, kinda helps round out all the estrogen, hehehe... Here are a couple of my favorites.

Cake Wrecks, always good for a laugh, written by a gal, but good for everyone!

Dudecraft, there are some a-mamamazing things featured here! Paul Overton finds the neatest stuff! And he knits too!

Sh*t My Dad Says, (WARNING- this is not for the faint of heart. There is A LOT of cussing, if that's not your thing, don't even bother clicking the link, seriously... it's funny as he-double hockey sticks, but there's a lot of "sailor talk".) Funny, but foul...

Quilt Dad, he is amazing. Until recently, I'd never heard of guys quilting, but apparently, its not all that uncommon. Still, I say bravo!

I hope you'll all get a kick out of a couple of these, different strokes for different folks...

To the dads in my own life, my brother, my cousins, my friends. I think you rock. You're all incredible people and make for some pretty incredible dads. Revel in the love you're given today, but know that your children, your families and your friends carry a part of you with us everyday.

To my own dad... I love you... you're never far from my thoughts, and always in my heart.  
Greggy, Daddy & Me... 1984-ish..



Jill said...

Hey Lisa,
Was without my computer all day yesterday- imagine that! I love that picture of you guys--cute!
I thought about you and your dad yesterday and wondered how your day was. Did you take a scooter ride? :) Hope so. It was gorgeous outside!
I'll have to check out the links you mentioned-- I looove Cake Wrecks! Those other links sound great too!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Lisa! What a cute photo, and such a sweet post. Thanks for the guy links. Sending hugs, xoxo Paulette :)