Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

Yeah, let's give the boy's a hand...

Ha! Now you'll have that song stuck in your head too. I heart 80's pop.

I hope you all had a holly-jolly Christmas! Mine was faboo, I still can't believe I finished everything in time! As some of you may know, I vowed to hand make all of my Christmas gifts this year, and I'm so happy to say that I did it!! It was a close call, let me tell you what. I have so much to share with you all, but before I do, I wanted to share something that I received this year which brings me back to my blog title, d'oh! There goes that song in my head again!

I love it when guys get crafty! I've been a fan of Dudecraft for a while, we gals should encourage our menfolk to get crafty more often. I think lots of guys are brimming with creativity, but don't know how to express it. Cool stuff happens when guys get crafty, this for instance, look what I got!!

Heeeheee! Don'cha love it?!? Here, let me turn the lights on so you can see it better...

(Eeegads! Please ignore the scuff marks on the wall. I had no idea they were there until I saw this pic on the computer. Guess I need to move my blanket trunk...)

Isn't it awesome? My friend Arlen made this for me, I just love it! I work with Arlen at my full time job in new home construction. One day last week when I got to my office, this beautiful present was glowing softly on my desk. It was early and still dark, even without the storm that was brewing outside,  my whole office was a glow! Arlen is such a cool guy, he made all of us gals in the office one of these goodies, each one different. He came in extra early, plugged these in at all of our desks, then snuck away like Santa Claus! We were like kids running into each others offices to see all the different styles. Arlen is so thoughtful that he even brought us all a new extension cord in case we didn't have a plug handy. What a guy!

Have you guessed what it is yet? It's a glass block that they make shower walls and decorative windows from!

Arlen used a special glass drill bit on one side, made a hole just big enough to feed through a string of multi-colored Christmas lights, plugged the hole with some kind of gromet, tied it with a gorgeous irridescent red ribbon, added a sweet ornament (mine's a kitty cat) and viola! A beautiful glowing gift! I have never seen this type of thing before, I think he's brilliant! I LOVE when an ordinary object is made into something extraordinary!

I love my glowing gift! I knew exactly where I was going to put it when I got it home and I've had it plugged in at all times (when I'm home of course, safety first!) since they day I received it. I think it's positively neato!! Sean thinks its pretty neato too, I've caught him standing in the hallway gazing at it at least 4 times which makes me giggle.

Thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you, Arlen!


Hootie said...

What a nice gift! Unique and spectacular!!! :) I'm glad you said what it was made of, I was trying to guess. Very cool.

I really like your new background too. :)

beedeebabee♥ said...

Wow-wow-WOW!!!! Arlen rocks! What a great idea that crafty little devil came up with! Does he know about Etsy??? That glowing goodie is just beautiful!!! I LOVE it Lisa!!!...That was quite an accomplishment, making all of your Christmas gifts. I was so stretched for time, I wouldn't have been able to, even if I wanted. But next year will be different because I'm starting in July!... I'm also so thrilled to have met you, Sweetie, and the same goes here, I think your the always positive one, it's such a pleasure to come and visit. Looking forward to seeing more of your adorable creations, and reading more of your wonderful stories!!! Happy, healthy and safe New Year, and wishing you lots of crafty time in 2010! Hugs, xoxo Paulette

parTea lady said...

What a great gift. Sounds like Arlen is quite a guy and fun to work with. My hubby is a crafter too - he does the most exquisite cross-stitch.

BTW, I love your new blog look - very pretty.