Thursday, August 13, 2009

A perfect Sunday afternoon at Banner Island Ballpark...
Stockton Ports vs. The Inland Empire 66'ers.
Sunflower seeds, a cold beer, the scent of hot dogs wafting through the air...
Oh, what a nice day! Sean and I like to take in a ball game whenever we can during the summer. Sunday we were able to do just that. We like baseball close to home with our local Single A ball club, the Stockton Ports. The park is beautiful and the tickets are cheap, cha-ching! Most of the year we're big ice hockey fans, but in the summer, it's all about baseball!
It's just so relaxing to me, I can read (although the husband prefers that I don't, notice we're behind home plate... it isn't because we like the best seats in the house, it's because most of the time I'm not paying close enough attention and Sean doesn't want me beaned in the head with an errant baseball so he puts us behind the nets...he loves me like that), I can chat, I can take pictures, I can... craft???
Well, heck. I've never thought about it. But why not? It's baseball for crying out loud, it isn't exactly fast paced. Look over Sean's shoulder, that lady is crocheting! I don't know what because I never asked. But I should have because her yarn was faboosh! Next time I go to a game, I'm totally taking my embroidery stuff. That's like 3 hours of uninterrupted crafting! I think that lady is on to something!

I can't wait for our next baseball game! It's going to be awesome even if our team doesn't win!
Oh yeah, the score! Ports win 8-1... hehe, I forgot about that part.


Paulette said...

Hi Lisa!

What a GREAT idea! Embroidery and baseball together, two fun things at!!!!

You two make quite an adorable couple!!!!
Cute, cute, cute!!!!

Have a great day!

Paulette :o)

Paulette said...

Happy Late Birthday Lisa!!!! I hope you had a really great one at your brother's house!

I've been away from blogland for a few days. My mom hasn't been feeling well. I spent all of Sunday in the Emergency room. They think she may have passed a kidney stone. We're waiting now to see a couple of specialists. So I've been busy running around...and NOT the fun kind of running around, like to craft stores!

I'm now following your niece's cute blog too. It takes about 5 minutes for her blog to load up completely on my slow computer! I guess because of all the video goodies she's got on there. I'm starting to get worried that I'm not going to get enough of Edward in New Moon. Jacob is cute, but Edward he's not!

How's your embroidery going? Have you guys taken in any baseball games! (giggle-giggle!)

Again, a BIG happy birthday!

Paulette :o)