Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another evening tea in the garden...

It's such a beautiful evening, the heat of the day has mellowed into the perfect twilight. Like most nights recently, I'm drawn to my favorite spot in the back garden for tea again tonight. Sean and I just finished dinner (he grills the best burgers!) and now it's time to relax for the evening. I'm just now realizing why I don't watch TV anymore... why stare at a box when I can be in my garden with tea staring at the stars?

Hey, this blogging from my cell phone is pretty neat. I didn't even sit at the computer to publish this post! Give it a try, it's coool.

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Paulette said...

Hi Lisa!

Boy you're good. Blogging from a cell phone!

First I have to tell you thank you for the amazing comment you left on my blog. I loved it so much. You are just so, so sweet!

Now, please let me say that I'm so very sorry for all you've been through this past year. There are just no words... I'm so sorry...

...Lisa, your embroidery is wonderful. If I hadn't read your post, I never would have guessed that you are a beginner. You MUST be a natural, girl! Keep up that beautiful stitching!!!

OMG, I know JUST what you meant when you said that "your trying to snap out of it" as far as the Twilight books are concerned. I felt the same I wanted to jump into the books, like the characters were I'm soooo in love with Edward!!! I couldn't put them down. My friend and I have this Twilight love fest going on. We just can't get enough! But we decided we were going to wait until Midnight Sun was actually printed so we could savor each page of it, in our own hands. I snuck and read a few pages and she read a bit more than that, and then we stopped. Tell me...was it AMAZING??? It must have been for you to read it three times!
Gosh, I can't wait! Can't wait for November either! Loved you niece's blog too!

I've never read the Harry Potter books, but I know they're wonderful. I actually think I have the first one tucked away in the bookcase somewhere!

Being a Tea Consultant sound very interesting!

Will visit again soon!

Paulette :o)