Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello Friends!
Not so long ago I participated in an embroidery swap on Craftster, the theme of the swap was "Twinchie". What in the heck is a twinchie, you ask? Well, it's a little embellishment, a piece of art, in this case embroidered, that is less than 2" square.

For this swap I was lucky enough to be partnered with my friend, Crystal and so I was also lucky in that I knew exactly what I wanted to make for her, love that! No fretting this time around like I usually do, wanting to make just the right thing for my partner. This time I knew... I was gonna get FOXY! 

Mama & Baby Fox Embroidery Hoop by Lisa Leggett

Crystal loves foxes as do I, all woodland animals actually, so this was really going to be a pleasure, I just needed to find the right fox and when I stumbled on this image I knew it was the one. Crystal is a wonderful mama, her little boy Baxter is a cutie pie, who just turned two years old, I feel lucky to get to see him grow into a little boy, it's astonishing how time flies though, seems like he was just an infant yesterday!

Picking the colors, I love this step.

Picking colors for this sweet, nestled mama & baby fox was fun, russets, burnt oranges, browns and creams, a fox has all of those colors and more. As soon as I had a good mix I started right in. Stitching was a dream, some projects just flow and this was definitely one of them. Even though it was early summer when I started this project this snoozing autumnal duo had me dreaming of fall.

A twinchie is less than 2" square.

See? All nice and little and confined to two square inches. Yay twinchies!

Stained Embroidery Hoop by Lisa Leggett

I did hit one snag when it came to hooping up this mama & baby, I'd ordered some special tiny 2" hoops, so that this could be an embroidered pendant necklace but alas, two inches was the size of the outside of the outer hoop, poop. My foxes didn't fit. Plot twist! I grabbed a 3" hoop from my supply (yes, I actually keep a supply of a variety of hoops at all times as evidenced here) and was back in business.

Mama & Baby Fox Embroidery Hoop by Lisa Leggett

To add a little sparkle, I embellished the hanger with a couple of gold & amber beads.

Back of the hoop

This is how I've been finishing the backs of my hoops lately, card stock glued to the back of the hoop with Fabri-Fix. I finally, finally have found a way to finish these hoops that I really like and gives me a neat, consistent result. I've done this a couple dozen times now, love it. I've tried lots and lots of different methods and for me, this one is best. Usually I use plain brown card stock, but for Crystal's foxy pair, I wanted something a little different.

Mama & Baby Fox Embroidery by Lisa Leggett

I was very pleased with how this mama & baby came out, my favorite is the baby paws, eep! So little! And his (or her) tiny face.

Crystal knows me so well, look at what she made for me!!
A Vespa, with rainbow toots! Lol, I'm sure they're not toots, but the thought of a tooting scooter makes me laugh and laugh.
Rainbow Scooter by

Seriously though, how sweet is this? I love mint green, I love eyelet, I love rainbows and lawdy, lawdy do I love me a red Vespa! It's so perfect. Thank you, Crystal!!

This was a really fun swap, I'm so glad I got in on this one.
What about you, are you participating in any swaps this summer? There are a LOT of them going on, I wish I had time for all of them! There are a lot of stitch-a-longs going on as well, I'm doing two of them, I'll post about them soon, promise!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh how sweet! I love your finish! The one Crystal made you is just as cute. I love how she used the ribbon to wrap the hoop. Thanks for the great idea of using card stock to finish the back of the hoops, too. :)

Looking forward to seeing what SAL's you are working on.

I so admire all of your work. I have yet to take the plunge into embroidery, I have been cross stitching, but I am collecting the supplies to do an embroidery piece on day. Your stitches are always so perfect. I truly admire your work.

Wishing you a day filled with many happy stitches! :)

parTea lady said...

Now I know what a twinchie is. ☺

Your foxy one is lovely.

Julie said...

I have never heard of a twinchie!!!
These are both just adorable! Great swap for both of you!!! I think this could really cath on with embroidery enthusiasts who like swapping! Thanks for showing them!

Gina said...

this fox pattern would be perfect for a swap i am doing! Where did you get the pattern?

Beedeebabee said...

What a great word "Twinchie" is! Your little foxes are just precious Lisa, and so beautifully stitched. Crystal's Vespa is totally adorable as well. Great swap!

אפרת - המסע לעומק said...

This is just beautiful.

Van you link to the original image you used?

Brenda McCall said...

You did such a beautiful job! I just love the momma and baby fox as it would be perfect for an expecting friend who is doing her nursery in a woodland theme. Do you have a source for the pattern? I'm thinking I may just be able to print a picture of the finished product and trace over it, but an actual pattern would be so much better! Thanks!