Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Bounce

Hi Y'all!
Hey, it's Friday! And boy howdy, it's been one of those weeks! How about we relax with a cocktail?

Going back to some Christmas makings, I bring to the table Vodka Cherry Bounce. Really this goes back to the 4th of July, 2013 because that's when I started this cherry infused vodka. 

Cherry infused vodka? Sounds intriguing, no?
Cherry Bounce Vodka

I was inspired to make the "bounce" after learning about it on Outlander Kitchen. Lacking the original ingredients, sour cherries and whiskey, I used what I had on hand, Rainier cherries and vodka. 

Cherry Bounce Vodka

To a great big jar, I added two pounds of Ranier cherries, about a 1/2 C sugar, and two liters of vodka. Pretty hoochy stuff too, Costco brand. Eeech.

Cherry Bounce Vodka

Once all together in the jar, I gave them a stir and stuck the whole thing in a dark closet for about 5 months, occasionally swishing the liquid around. Now, I'm not going to lie, towards the end it was looking pretty nasty in that jar, I was worried. My husband scared me into thinking I could blind people with this stuff. I did some research and asked some trusted resources who assured me that I could not in fact blind anyone, this isn't moonshine after all.

Cherry Bounce Vodka

To my delight, filtering the bounce (two nights and countless coffee filters) produced a bright, clear liquid devoid of any cherry flotsam. 

Cherry Bounce Vodka

I dressed up a few bottles for Christmas, special gifts for friends who love Outlander as much as I do. Gosh that story... takes my breath away. Are any of you fans? Let's chat! You know Starz is making a series out of it, yes? Everything about the production so far is perfection, I am SO excited. Here's a peek at the trailer!

Turn up your volume a bit, it seems a little low in this video.

Isn't that awesome?? Jamie speaks!

So how was the bounce? Well, I've had it twice. It's uhh... unique. I don't think I could drink it straight (then again, I don't drink any liquor straight, those days have long since past me by), but mixed with some fizzy water, a squeeze of lime and a dash of grenadine, it was pretty tasty. I'm going to try making traditional Cherry Bounce as soon as cherries are available this spring. I bought and set aside a bottle of whiskey last year, so I am ready. Je Suis Prest!

 Je Suis Prest for this weekend, that's for dang sure. Now where's my cocktail?

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