Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Little Things

Hi Everyone!
Did you have a nice little Christmas? I hope that it was cozy and merry and bright!

Mine? Well, I slept through most of it. No kidding, about 20 hours on Wednesday. Worst cold ever. Coughing, hacking, flop sweats and looking like an extra zombie from the Walking Dead, slime and all. Yee-uck. All my plans, dashed. Christmas dinner? Ha! I'm embarrassed to say that my poor husband and I had Carl's Jr for our Christmas dinner. Ooof, lets call that a "keeping it real moment".  After so much sleep on Wednesday, I felt a LOT better on Thursday and since I took a couple of days of work I made it up to my hard working husband who himself had to return to work and made him a nice Christmas dinner on Thursday, only a day late, not so bad :)

So December was a pretty busy month and I didn't make anywhere near the amount of Christmas goodies and gifts I as I have in years past, and what I have made (and am still making) are yet to be delivered, so I can't share much just yet, but I do have a few little things...

Like this cute little vintage inspired ornament
Vintage Inspired Bottlebrush Tree Ornament by Lisa Leggett

I went on a pipe cleaner binge early on in December, pinned several cute things and hoped to make a bunch of them. But you know what they say about good intentions, right? Teehee...

I also made this little ice skating snowman. 

Pipe Cleaner Snowman by Lisa Leggett

Just fun little things... Also this year I actually got to display my little bleached out, dyed & glittered trees that I made last year. I didn't know what I was going to do with them, so I simply put them on a little tray and filled it with "snow". 

Little Trees

I put them under the white/candy colored in our guest room this year, they're so pretty. As much as I love them, I won't be doing them the same way again, my friend shared this pin with me and I think I'd really like to try this next time I want to use little bottle brush trees.

Pastel Forest by Lisa Leggett

I really like the way these all look sitting together though, each one is different from the others, I like the variety!

So what kinds of little things did you make this season, do tell and point me to it, I'd love to see!


Denise said...

Such pretty little deco's.So sorry to hear You were ill on Christmas.About 3 years ago the same thing happened to Me.Not fun at all.glad it was short lived.Denise

Beedeebabee said...

Oh you poor girl...all sick and sneeze-y for! I'm happy you're feeling better now though. :) Your little ornaments are sooo cute, Lisa! You've got such a fun imagination, and you create the best little treasures. Those twinkly pink trees are gorgeous! Wishing you and your Sean all the very best in the year ahead...and no icky cold for next Christmas! xoxo Paulette

RetroSandie said...

So sorry to hear you were sick for Christmas. Hope you are feeling lots better by now! I love all of your ideas for making cute ornies-thanks!

Denise :) said...

Poor Lisa! I can totally commiserate ... it seems like my whole *family* fell apart on Christmas day! Hope you're feeling much, MUCH better! Love all your pretties! Happy New Year!! :)

TheMistressT said...

I can just tell that I'd love to visit your house at Christmastime!

Pat said...

So sorry to hear you were poorly over the holidays, hope you are feeling much better. I love your pipecleaner decorations, something new for me to try for Christmas 2014. Here's to a wonderful year xx Pat @