Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sitting Pretty

Hi Everyone!
It's Wednesday, we're half way to another weekend, yay!! Today I thought share another little pincushion I made recently, similar to the one I made for myself a few weeks ago. 

I love the softer colors in this one, pale blue wool blend for the cushion itself, with dusty blue, mauve and butter yellow flowers and a hot pink rose for pop. The tiny leaves are my favorite shade of sagey green, and the embroidered vines and leaves are done in a green that's similar, just a bit brighter. 

I love choosing the colors, making the little flowers and arranging them until they look just right, that's the fun part. I like stitching the leaves and vines too, I do those freehand and just let them kind of shape themselves one stitch at a time.

Making these pincushions could get to be a real addiction, they come together in just a few hours and they're so pretty. Maybe I'm just crazy for pincushions.

This pretty cushion flew the coop and is now happily nestled in the home of a friend aaaaallll the way on the other side of the country. She's an awesome lady and it was fun to send her a little surprise, just because. Unexpected mail that isn't bills is fun, no?

I hope your week is going well, it's about to start heating up again in my neck of the woods, the last few days has been cool, and a bit rainy and I've loved every moment of it, SO unusual for Northern California in the summer. This morning it took every bit of steam I had to get up and go to work. I would have very much preferred to open the sliding glass door all the way, get a big cup coffee and crawl back into bed and read the morning away with the rain softy falling just outside and Boswell and Lola curled up next to me snoozing with their little paws in the air... *sigh* summer rain is so rare here, I should have seized the day. *double sigh*...

Anyway, on wards & upwards! What's the weather like where you're at this week?


SewAmy said...

Your pincushion is beautiful. ~The weather was nice last week, but this week has turned out to be very hot and humid... I'm in VA. I'm hoping for a thunderstorm soon to cool things off.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Gorgeous stitching! The soft colours are so pretty, and the big loopy yellow flower is so cute :) I think the little blue one is sweet too.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Lisa! Yes, your friend certainly was surprised and she's still smiling I might add! It's just beautiful...your stitching is beautiful and YOU are beautiful as well, sweetie pie! Big hugs!!! xoxoxo

Angela McRae said...

How beautiful! Amazing how many bits of loveliness you have made on one pincushion. Love it, especially your color choices!