Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Hairclips

Hi Kids~
Continuing on in the Halloween vein, I have another quick little whip up to share with you today. I made these for two of my nieces for Halloween. They're easy and fast, and I like that you could make these any number of ways, or color combinations, as you'll see below.

This one is for my niece Ana. Black and orange are typical Halloween colors of course, but I stitched the edges of the flower petals with contrasting floss in bright lime and an equally bright magenta. I made the little yo-yo with some iridescent green fabric scraps that I had, and added a black, fabric covered button. 

This next one was made for my niece, Anais. She's only 7 years old (just turned yesterday, happy birthday, sweetheart!) so I made the center of her clippy with a brighter, more kid-ish green and a cheerful orange button. I stitched around the petals of the flowers with some light, peachy-orange floss.

The backs are finished with simple hair clips stitched to the center of the flower. I don't think these would do a great job of holding the hair in place, you'd need a different clip for that. These are just for tucking a playful splash of color into their flowing locks.

 Here are the two together. Similar, yet different. One for a little girl, and one for a young lady. I hope they like them, the should be getting them in the mail today.

This is another one I made for Anais for her birthday, along with the giant princess pillow we mailed to her. She looooves the princesses. Oh, to be 7 again...

So there y'are! Another quick, and fun Halloween craft. I think I'm going to make a few more of these for another special lady in my life who has a birthday right around the corner. I'm think I might try to make them in the shape of plumeria, her favorite flower... aloha!

See you again soon!


Michelle said...

Hi Lisa,
What a fabulous idea for clips! Those are totally cute and I'm going to make some for my daughter Jessica and my nieces too. Thanks for the great idea.

suzitee said...

Aaaaargh...these are adorable! You have certainly got your Halloween on :)

Jill said...

Those are soooo cute!! They remind me of the pink flower pin that you made for me--- I love mine! I know the girls will love theirs too!