Monday, August 15, 2011


WIP's... oh yeah, I got some. Lots actually. See, while I wasn't posting these last few weeks I have been busy.

My work table is full right now, totally covered in WIPS, there's some on the sewing desk too, add to that one draped over the back of my chair, and another laid out on the floor, hehehe... this is not good people. Please tell me I'm not the only crazy person who does this! I have six different projects "on the hoop" and three stacks of fabric waiting to be made into specific somethings... but that's just the beginning, you should see the actual list I've got going... eeeegads! And it's not even time to start making "you know what" presents yet.


So, tonight, on the eve of my 37th birthday (double-eeeegads!) I'm going to watch Despicable Me, slap some peanut butter cookies in the oven and get to stitchin'! I need to stitch like the wind!

I think I'll drink black tea tonight, I think I'll be up a while.

So tell me chums, what're you working on?

p.s. No joke, I really am turning 37 tomorrow, and guess what Jill and I are going to The Crown & Crumpet for tea in San Francisco on Saturday, weeeeeeee!


Jill said...

Mmmm... peanut butter cookies! Stitchie-movie-munchie... a perfect combo! As for WIPs-- well, you know how I roll. Yikes!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day! <3

I have more WIPs than I care to think about. Right now, I am working on a Mirabilia Halloween Fairy (xstitch). Well, that and a couple gifts for family. :) Still haven't started that Daisychain Sampler yet, lol.

suzitee said...

Happy happy birthday for tomorrow! Would love to join you and Jill for your catch-up, but will have a cuppa over here in Aus and just pretend I'm there :)

WIPs...hmmmm, please don't make me go there! I have everything from quilts to cross-stitch, Brazilian embroidery to Mountmellick, Hardanger to wool embroideries. It's shameful and sorta embarrassing LOL. At the moment I'm working on a couple of quilts with embroidered blocks.

Hillori said...

Sounds like you've gone crafty crazy as well!! :) This is a good thing I think. To be inspired is the best so make that tea a double girl and get to stitch'n!
I just turned 37 too! Have a great birthday!!!!!

beadgirl said...

You're reading my mind, because I'll be posting about all my works in progress: a hand-sewn skirt, two Halloween cross stitch patterns, the Daisychain ABCs, Feeling Stitchy's stitch along, and beaded bottlecap earrings. Not to mention all the other projects I've started over the years that are being neglected, including a number of quilts. Why won't my damn wiener kids leave me alone and let me sew???

Happy birthday!

Bex said...

Ushering in another year with peanut butter cookies and tea is a great idea!

I just finished a Halloween piece and have no idea what I will do next. Hope you had a great bday!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday,found you through tea at weasels,fellow tea lover too.xxxxxxx