Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Camper

Hi All~
I spent this past weekend camping in the mountains with my niece Ana, my mom, and her husband Johnny. It was such a relaxing weekend and provided me a desperately needed recharge. I've been feeling a little too tightly wound for the last several weeks and this camping trip was exactly what I needed to feel more like myself.
The mountains are unbelievably beautiful right now, so I thought I'd share some pictures. In case anyone is interested, this is Pi Pi Campground (Site #33) in the El Dorado National Forest, Northern California. Get yourself a nice glass of iced tea, I took a lot of pictures! I couldn't help myself, it's so pretty.
We camped near this meadow in full bloom.
A walk way built along the border between the river and the meadow and forest, goes on for miles...

Miss Hollywood ~ My niece Ava was there for one afternoon too, she loves nature walks.

I don't know what type of flowers these are, Lupine perhaps? But they are enormous and there are thousands of them in the meadow.

This hole is very old, it's an Indian Grinding Rock

 Gigantic dandelion wishes. I wished along with her...

This is a shot of our campsite from the meadow directly behind my tent. Reminds me that we are indeed very small.

After our walk it was time for a snack. Ava is trying to share her yogurt with me in this picture, I can tell you that 2 year olds with full spoons don't aim very well. I'm not sure how, I only looked away for a split second, but that entire spoonful ended up in my hair. It gave us both quite a giggle, who could resist that face?

These are the talents of the other women in my family. My sister-in-law Apryl made these tye-dyes, aren't they amazing? My mom made the ribbon rings which hang high in the trees. These two represent water and fire, eventually she'll make two more representing the other two elements of earth and wind. They're so pretty and the ribbons make a nice rustling in the trees. She was inspired to make these after seeing them hanging in the trees at the Renaissance Faire.



What's that? You've never seen a decorated camp site? Well then, you've never camped with my mom.

Here is the bunting I made for her birthday last year, along with a new yo-yo bunting (one of several) hung in and around our camp, or rather our "encampment" as we came to call it. Also - this is my new tent! Isn't it awesome? Oh, it's so nice to have a tent with a functional door instead of a broken zipper!

Large tapestries add color and pretty to our site and give a lot of privacy in a completely packed campground, we felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Here's how our encampment looked from the campground road

The trail leading into the meadow at dusk

Sun down and hazy, soft light filtering through the trees, lovely...

After dinner and dishes it was quiet talks and cozy moments near the fire.

It was a productive weekend for me too, I got a great deal of stitching done on these lazy afternoons while the others napped or read.
This is a small tablecloth I'm making for myself to put on my little table inside my tent. I'm a night owl, even when camping, and the new tent is big enough for a small table and chair where I can sit and read or stitch after the others doze off.

Ha! My mom just posted this picture on Facebook, she caught me stitching! Can you see me, sitting next to my tent? Lol...

The night before we left, I quickly I drew a simple the design out on some sturdy forest green cotton that I already had (pre-washed even!). What's funny is that I chose the colors before I left, and took only those colors with me. Little did I know that they were almost exactly the colors that would be blooming around me all weekend. This little table cloth will always remind me of this camping trip. I finished all of the stitching by the way, all in that one weekend too! I love it... I'm going to simply fray the edges and maybe add a contrasting running stitch near the bottom. I'll try to get a better picture to share tomorrow, I'm really happy with the way the embroidery turned out.

Anyway, this was my weekend, I can hardly wait until I get another one just like it. I love camping, it feeds my soul.

If you've made it to the end, congratulations! I know this was a long, picture heavy post. Tell me, do you enjoy camping? What's your favorite thing?



suzitee said...

LOL Lisa...I don't camp. At all. Ever. But then, the conditions here in Australia are remotely different to what I see in your photos! Such pretty surroundings would almost tempt me to camp :) Camping to me means heat and flies and creepy crawlies in my bed...eeeeeewwww! No thank you!
Love your stitching (as always), but I'm amazed that you could see to stitch at night time. Well's so pretty!

lifemyway said...

I absolutely love camping. However I have never seen such a decorated campsite. It was both beautiful and inspiring. I wonder how my husband would feel about me decorating ours next year. Your pictures were simply breathtaking.

Salvaged Mutiny said...

Gorgeous photos Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing them. And I love your embroidery, such good work!!


SewAmy said...

We camp about once a month. ( this month is a twice a month, month) Anyway, I camp with a lot of hippies and they decorate their camp sites with all kinds of things. I'll have to say that your camp site is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Love you mother's style. Gorgeous!

SewAmy said...

Your campsite is gorgeous. We camp about once a month with hippies who decorate their sites with all kinds of things. I will have to say that your campsite is the most beautiful I have ever seen!! Love your mother's style.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Oh, it looks so lovely there. I wish we could go camping sometime soon. We usually go to Mammoth, but I think my cruddy job isn't going to work with me...jerks, lol.

I love that you guys decorate your campsites. I'm def. going to steal that idea, it makes it look like a lot more fun :) Oh, and just so you know, I'm really jealous you can have a chair and table in your tent. I think it's time for an upgrade!

Melissa Fried said...

I want to go camping in the worst way now! That spot is beautiful!!! That's one thing I miss about Northern California...being so close to all those forests. There are forests down here but they aren't the same. Hopefully we'll get a camping trip in this summer!! Thanks for sharing!

kittykill said...

I love camping but haven't gone in so long. We always decorate out camp site too.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time!! I love camping but it's too hot here in NC to go right now! I don't know why I never thought to hang things like you for a bit of privacy--sometimes it is just a little too close for comfort in some of those campgrounds. Love the flower photos too.

Becky said...

I don't camp [said with a snooty sniff.] But if I did it would be with you and your family!!! That looks like paradise. And yes, lupines! I shall now have the Monty Python Lupine song in my head all night.

Jill said...

Edward? Edward? Oh... Wrong meadow.

Those are some gorgeous photos! I'm ready to stowaway next time you go camping! Love the decor-- you gals are brilliant using the hangings for privacy. I just decorate with my garden gnome... or seashell bunting on the tent, if at the coast.

Seriously, I want to stowaway. I'll even bring the, uh...beverages. He He...