Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quilted Table Runner

Howdy Ladies!

Hey, thanks a bunch for the happy bloggy birthday wishes, y'all know how to make a girl feel all warm & special! It's been a fun ride, this blogging stuff. I'm  looking forward to seeing where we'll all go in the future.

Today I just have a quick little share. This was the very last thing I finished up before I packed up my house and moved. Can you believe it's been a month already?? Where does the time go? Ironically, this was also the very first quilting project I ever touched. I started it a looong time ago. Whoa, looking up the link, I see that actually I blogged about this exactly a year ago, today! Talk about coincidence!! Life is weird.

Three simple blocks.

Backing fabric, bright, very cheery and... orange!

Speaking of coincidence, take a gander at that ribbon! I found this by complete accident in the clearance basket at my local quilting store, A Quilters Friend. It matches so perfectly, it must have been meant to be!

I'm really pleased with how this came out, I'm even happy with the binding. And I did it the right way too! Attached by machine to the front and stitched by hand to the backside. As much as I wanted to learn to do binding entirely by machine, until my sewing skills improve (so that I can sew in a straight line, hello.) I think I better just do it the way I was taught. Hmph.

Anywho... I love the way this looks on my dining room table, it's in there right now. I'd show you, but there are still boxes in there, and there are no pictures on the walls yet. Geesh, some aspects of getting settled in are so slow going. 

I'm excited about tomorrow, it's finally warm & dry enough to start riding my Vespa to work again!! Woohoo, 65 miles per gallon!! This $4.00 per gallon junk is a pain in the wallet! Sean & I went for a little scoot around town tonight to get our spidey senses back, I'm so ready for riding season, bring it on!!

Hope you're all having a great week!


suzitee said...

Wooohoooooo....go you! Your tablerunner is bright and cheery! There is NOTHING like seeing something you've made sitting on your table each brings an extra touch of happiness. How perfect is that ribbon?
I heard a whisper that you are joining up to Label Crew...I am SO VERY EXCITED!!!!!! Cannot wait to see you girls stitching along with us over here in Australia...really really can't wait!WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

Mary Ann said...

I love the pretty colors in the table runner. Hard to imagine that it was your first project!. Looks like you did a beautiful job.

Mary Ann

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GardenofDaisies said...

Lisa, your table runner is so cheerful and pretty! Love the colors and the sweet ribbon on the back!

Becky said...

First - Your table runner is fab! I'd have a hard time deciding which side to show off.

Second - JEALOUS!!!!!!! You have a Vespa?!?! I have wanted one since I was a wee lass watching movies with my [Grand]Mama. I saw Audrey Hepburn on one and it was instant love. Pictures please.

kittykill said...

So pretty! I really want to learn to quilt. Yeah for nice days for Vespa riding!

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

So pretty and the colors are fab!!

Lisa Leggett said...

Thanks Chicas!!

Hootie said...


The colors are great! :) Way to go on the quilting too. I'm still stuck in my knitting and crocheting craft mode.


Giggly said...

What a gorgeous table runner!! One day I shall learn to quilt. :D Happy belated birthday!! XOXOX