Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lisa & Jill's Big Day In The City Part II (finally!!)

Hello Beautiful!
Ok, I've been wanting to share this since the day Jill and I got back from the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, but it seems like one thing or another has been preventing me from sharing all the yummy, tea fueled goodness that Jill and I got to share. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let them do the talkin' and only interrupt when I can't help myself.

Have you heard of The Crown & Crumpet? It was featured in the July/August 2010 issue of Tea Time Magazine, but I've known about it for a long, long time and have been dying to go! The C&C  is located in San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square, which was incidentally was just a few blocks from Ft. Mason where Renegade was held. We got in with just a few minutes reservation, which was lucky!
This was the view from our table...

What lucky little ladies to celebrate a birthday at the Crown & Crumpet! These tiny beauties were all dressed in fancy tea dresses, adorable!

This is deceiving... they give you a lot of food... you'll see...

Real silverware. I love the old soft glow of real silver. I do believe I'll have a new collection starting soon, it's so beautiful.

For our tea selection, Jill and I decided on The Marie Antoinette and After Seven Fifty-Nine
Both were delicious.

A cute tea shop makes for a very, very happy Lisa.

We had the Tea For Two...

The tea sandwiches were tea-riffic! Roast beef, chicken pesto, egg salad, cucumber, ham & cheese, and marinated red pepper. Can you say scarf?

The Crumpets! Oh Lordy, the crumpets! And the scones, good heavens, the scones! Can you believe I'd never had a crumpet before? It's true. I'm afraid these will be my downfall some day...

Desert!! No explanation needed. Every. Crumb. Gone.

After stuffing ourselves, we had a nice look around and got quite snap happy!
This is why you need a reservation. This tea shoppe stays packed most all of the time, they can rarely accommodate walk-ins.

The C&C also has a small gift shop packed to the gills with cuteness.
Hey look, it's Marie herself!

Of course I got a couple of small goodies for myself...
This is the same tea we had at the shop. It's quite good. A little pricey though... $16 for 2oz. The tea mug is very like one that I saw on Happy Zombie a while back and have been absolutely in love with ever since. I have too many mugs. It's sort of sick. But I couldn't help it, this one is so pretty and delicate, and it's china. It's my new favorite.

After our visit to the Crown & Crumpet, Jill and I strolled around Ghiradhelli and did some window shoppin. Then we took a walk down to the beach and watched the sun set, all the while chatting it up like we've known each other forever. Isn't it awesome when you meet someone like that? Kindred spirits... love it.
We headed home after a long day, and I slept like a log. It was a wonderful day filled with some of my most favorite things and people! The day couldn't have been more perfect.

Thanks for being so patient in waiting for this post, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. They truly don't do justice to the place. If you're ever in San Francisco, the Crown & Crumpet is high on my list of recommendations. In fact, it's shot its self straight to the top of my list of favorite tea rooms. Really.

Hope you're all well! I'm off now to catch up on some of your blogs!


Jill said...

Wasn't that a great day?! Tea at the Crown & Crumpet was definitely the highlight for me! I've been eating crumpets from Trader Joe's and drinking my Marie A. tea w/milk ever since. Thanks so much for sharing such a great day with me, my kindred spirit friend!

Genie Robinson said...

Oh, my, this is better than High Tea at Harrods in London. From the decorations and decor to the china and the teapots + yummy goodies, this is a dream location for a tea lover such as myself. At least now I can dream...


Blueberry Heart said...

those crumpets...those scones...those apothecary jars....scrumptious overload post!!!
BH x

Rebecca said...

What fun! I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED going there for Tea!

Thank you so much for sharing. I have a SMALL Tea planned for my girl's birthday. I'm so excited.

Love to you~


All things nice... said...

Wow, I would love that place for much, so so pretty and so me! I love tea so much, drinking a big mug here now, I love the tea cups and saucers but I would have to drink so many of them :) Thanks for sharing

All things nice...

Itch2stitch.com said...

That looks like a wonderful place, a feast for the eyes! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave such kind and warm words. I truly appreciated it. My blog is usually a much happier place to visit! Susie from England. xxx

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a *Wonderful* time! Love your photos!

parTea lady said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of the Crown & Crumpet Tea Room. That's a cute pic of you enjoying your tea. I love the whimsical decor and the food looked really good - and crumpets are so yummy.

I think I need (wink, wink) one of those shapely C&C teapots. I like the pretty mug that you brought home too.

Beedeebabee said...

Lisa...This all looked and sounded so wonderful! The Crown and Crumpet looks like such a magical place, so sweetly decorated and that food...OMG, how yummy! Loved your goodies too! You and Jill are lucky girls! xoxo Paulette

Angela McRae said...

Oh, Lisa, THANK YOU for making sure I did not miss this post! I heard of this place before it opened thanks to a bloggy friend in the neighborhood, and have been lusting to go ever since! It's been written up in several places (I read that same Tea Time article you did), but you have given me far more information than any of those other magazines did. I'm so glad you had such a terrific time! (Even if I am *quite* jealous!)

Aunt Spicy said...

That tea shop is just STUNNING! What a fun adventure you had!

Melissa said...

Yay for part two! That tea shop looks amazing. I hope we can go there together some day...like maybe in October? I'm visiting, don'tcha know?