Monday, April 20, 2009

Tea House Review No. 2 ~ The Tea Cozy ~ Cambria, California

The Tea Cozy ~ Cambria, California

My husband and I recently visited Cambria for a few stolen days to ourselves, it was the first time either of us have been to Cambria, but The Tea Cozy was definitely on my 'must see' list. We didn't have a reservation, but were seated right away. The day we visited was a Wednesday afternoon in mid February, so Cambria wasn't exactly a hot bed of activity that time of the year.

The Tea Cozy is a cottage-turned-tearoom and has two dining rooms off each side of the front entrance. The tea rooms are just want the name implies, ahhh... cozy! A little rustic and totally unpretentious. We both felt really comfortable there. I had the Duchess Tea, which consisted of a scone with clotted cream & jamb, a tea sandwich and a bottomless pot, I chose the house blend black tea. Everything was terrific! The gents working that day were friendly and engaging and the service was great. They also have a small shop at the back of the tea room featuring home made jambs, a sampling of English foodies, and tea wares. I liked the clotted cream and the home made jamb so much that I bought a jar of each to take home! It's a dangerous thing that clotted cream, hiiighly addictive!

I really enjoyed my time at the Tea Cozy and wish I'd had more time to visit again during our trip. One of the things that surprised me and that I liked best was actually something for my husband who isn't a 'tea guy'. The Tea Cozy serves a selection of English beer! How nice! Is this normal? I don't know because I've not visited that many tearooms, but I have a feeling it's unique. At any rate, it was a happy thing! While I enjoyed my tea and goodies, my hubby got to cool his heels in a mostly doily-free environment and have a tall cool one, double nice!

We really loved our time in Cambria, we stayed in a lovely, lovely bed & breakfast called the J. Patrick House. We were also fortunate enough to visit Hearst Castle, which was a-ma-ma-mazing two days in a row! We toured it the first day and were so completely taken (I'm sort of a history nerd) that we went back a second day for a new and different tour. Oh gosh, I wish I wouldn't have spent so much time behind the camera, there was just so much to see and I wanted to see it all again and again! These are just a tiny sampling of the 500+ pictures I took. Yeah... more than 500. Killed my camera 2 days in a row. Oh, I'm getting off track... this is a Tea Room review after all, not a plug for the most amazing national landmark in California. :o)~

So we definitely want to visit Cambria again soon, when we do you can be sure I'll be taking tea at the Tea Cozy again!

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